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Our Impact

2200+ Assemblies

Performed 2,200+ whole school assemblies in seven countries over the past decade.

1 Million+ Students

Performed in person/virtual shows for 1 Million+ students.

3 Million Views

23,000 subscribers and 100,000 hours of watch time on our YouTube channel..

Sponsored Show to your school

Whether you want to create, reinforce or celebrate an eco culture, The EcoHero Show is for you.
For a decade, like hundreds of thousands of others around the world, your students and teachers will have a unique engaging educational experience while learning how to take care of the planet.


Think Dr. Seuss meets Jay-Z meets Mr. Eco! We are so excited to launch our first comic book. You can get your copy at the store here.

Hear From Educators


No-Cost To Your School

Our show is being sponsored by your city or county, so it won’t cost the school anything to participate! We have been sponsored by more than 120 cities/counties in CA.

*Limited Spots*

There are a limited number of schools we can perform for in your area. Sign up in our Scheduling Section before all the spots are filled.



“Not sure if you remember me because it was several years ago, but you visited my elementary school called Harloe. I’m now a freshmen at a high school call New Tech. I need to give you a lot of credit for how you changed me. Before, I was your average, run of the mill kid crazed about video games. Now I’m part of a student council encouraging community service and aspiring to become a law enforcement ranger of the National Park Service. It wasn’t all you that turned me out to be like this, but you certainly hit the on switch. I have major respect for your work and hope you can spread this knowledge to young students everywhere.”
The Cook (Student)

“My son is a first grader at El Rincon Elementary in Culver City. You may remember him as the child who came to watch your school performance in his full Eco Hero uniform! He really admires your persona and music. Meeting you this week was a highlight of his young life. He implemented an ‘Eco Challenge’ in his first grade classroom to clean up trash and separate it from recycling at the school. Thanks for the great work that you do, and for spreading the sorely needed message to protect our fragile planet and all the creatures who live on it.”
Nico’s Mom

“Our recycling program is just getting started. There is a group of third grade students who came together (due in part to your assembly and Earth Day lessons taught by their teacher) and started a club called the Green Team. They have a website started already and have met a couple of times to plan their next steps. I love their enthusiasm! Their goal is to recycle the bottles and cans ourselves to get money to support Green Team efforts, which includes purchasing recycling bins for every classroom. The kids have a plan on how to educate fellow students and they are eager to make a difference. Makes my heart happy to see them care so much about our environment and all living things.”
Mrs. Shay Lundstrom (Principal, Katherine Elementary School)

“You inspired me to clean my neighborhood and my parents help me with it. People should go explore the world, not just playing games and watching YouTube. We should all go explore and touch something real. Thank you for coming to my school and inspiring me! If only if there was an emoji of the EcoHero sign.”
Gabriela Pena (Student)

Content Overview

Content Of The Show

Our content has been performed and loved by students and educators around the world and is constantly improving based on feedback from schools. Watch this video to learn more.

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Curriculum follow up

After our show, we will share the curriculum developed for classroom discussions about the themes students learn from The EcoHero Show. Our curriculum is created by performer “Eco J”, who has a teaching credential from UC Berkeley in California. In addition to the curriculum, we share coloring books, all of our music, and instructions on how to write a letter to The EcoHero Show performers.


Q: Can you perform outside?
A: Yes. Our show is better indoors because students can easily view our powerpoint which contains our music videos etc. If you need us to perform outside, ideally you have a large rolling TV we can connect to OR we are in a shady spot and you have a portable projector screen. If neither is possible we still put on a good show.
Q: How is the show structured?

A: The show revolves around music, movement and singing to engage students in a way they’ll remember long after our show. Each song has a call and response section for students to sing and a dance for them to follow. Then, we dive deep into the environmental topics explaining what the problems are and how students at home and at school can make a difference. We rely on trivia and storytelling in between the songs to drive the topics home.

Q: How long is the show and what grades is it for?

A: 40 minutes. It is for k-6. We have three versions of the show. Lower grade, upper grade, and all school.

Q: Is there any cost for the show?

A: No. If we reached out to you, that means your city/county sponsored the show! There are a limited number of schools that can sign up for each city/county.

Q: Do you need any specific stage setup?
A: We bring our own sound system and projector. If performing indoors, all we need is a projector screen OR a wall to project onto.
Q: Do you perform multiple shows for the same school?

A: The energy of the show is MAGIC with the entire school together. If schedule/fire seating limits don’t allow the whole school to join at once, we can perform two shows back to back. Ideally scheduled an hour apart, i.e. 9am and 10am.

Our Team

Eco Shara

Eco J

Eco Amby

Eco Jam

Mr. Eco

Eco Vinita

Eco Tko

Eco Rays

Eco Fel

Eco Mau

Mo EcoHero

Eco Sistah

Eco Andreea


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Scheduling Process:

  • Fill out the form below and we will confirm details with you via email after
  • Note, this is an all school show, you are signing up your entire school, not just one class or grade
  • There is NO-COST. The show is sponsored by your city/county
  • For in-person shows, please refer to the dates we are available in your area sent via email
  • We will do multiple shows back to back to comply with fire capacity limits if the whole school can not fit into one show
  • If your school needs two shows, please schedule first thing in AM or last thing in PM and have them start an hour apart. IE 9am and 10am

Scheduling/Questions Form

    Submitting this form will request your preferred date and time, but does not confirm/finalize your booking. Once we receive your request, we will reach out by email to confirm your booking or to discuss any adjustments needed.

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