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Our History

130+ California Jurisdictions

90% of sponsors have re-hired us. Most use CalRecycle CCPP and 1383 grant funds.

2,200+ Assemblies

Performed 2,200+ whole school assemblies. 3,500+ individual classroom presentations.

1 Million+ Students

Performed shows for 1 million+ students. Have 23,000 YouTube subscribers and 3 million YouTube Views.

Impact On Students

“Not sure if you remember me because it was several years ago, but you visited my elementary school called Harloe. I’m now a freshmen at a high school call New Tech. I need to give you a lot of credit for how you changed me. Before, I was your average, run of the mill kid crazed about video games. Now I’m part of a student council encouraging community service and aspiring to become a law enforcement ranger of the National Park Service. It wasn’t all you that turned me out to be like this, but you certainly hit the on switch. I have major respect for your work and hope you can spread this knowledge to young students everywhere.”
The Cook (Student)

“My son is a first grader at El Rincon Elementary in Culver City. You may remember him as the child who came to watch your school performance in his full Eco Hero uniform! He really admires your persona and music. Meeting you this week was a highlight of his young life. He implemented an ‘Eco Challenge’ in his first grade classroom to clean up trash and separate it from recycling at the school. Thanks for the great work that you do, and for spreading the sorely needed message to protect our fragile planet and all the creatures who live on it.”
Nico’s Mom

“Our recycling program is just getting started. There is a group of third grade students who came together (due in part to your assembly and Earth Day lessons taught by their teacher) and started a club called the Green Team. They have a website started already and have met a couple of times to plan their next steps. I love their enthusiasm! Their goal is to recycle the bottles and cans ourselves to get money to support Green Team efforts, which includes purchasing recycling bins for every classroom. The kids have a plan on how to educate fellow students and they are eager to make a difference. Makes my heart happy to see them care so much about our environment and all living things.”
Mrs. Shay Lundstrom (Principal, Katherine Elementary School)

“You inspired me to clean my neighborhood and my parents help me with it. People should go explore the world, not just playing games and watching YouTube. We should all go explore and touch something real. Thank you for coming to my school and inspiring me! If only if there was an emoji of the EcoHero sign.”
Gabriela Pena (Student)

Hear From Educators

Win-Win Testimonials

Three Product Offerings

1. Whole School Assemblies

Our show presented to the whole school at once. Majority performed in-person but also available virtually, if school desires.

2. Individual Class Presentations

Our Jeopardy-inspired game show presented to a single class at a time virtually via Zoom.

3. Custom Song/Lyric Video

10+ jurisdictions have hired us to create theme songs/videos like this one. You can use this asset for social media, websites, PSAs, and we can incorporate it into our presentations.

Curriculum follow up

After our show, we will share the curriculum developed for classroom discussions about the themes students learn from The EcoHero Show. Our curriculum is created by performer “Eco J”, who has a teaching credential from UC Berkeley in California. In addition to the curriculum, we share coloring books, all of our music, and instructions on how to write a letter to The EcoHero Show performers.

Sponsor Us For Your Jurisdiction

We believe an entire city can be empowered if the youth of the city are empowered. With a combination of in-person/virtual school shows, our follow-up classroom curriculum, and YouTube videos, we reach thousands of students, and in turn, thousands of their friends and families.

Easy To Implement

  • All that is required from you is confirming your budget, show topic, and schools eligible to receive the program.
  • We are only paid AFTER we perform our presentations. If we are unable to use all of the budget in our agreement, you will be able to spend them elsewhere.
  • WE SCHEDULE all of the shows and coordinate all the details. You do not need to have any contact with the schools whatsoever.
  • Content includes:
    • CalRecycle CCPP (recycling)
    • CalRecycle 1383 (organics)
    • Stormwater Pollution
    • Household Hazardous Waste
    • Water Conservation

Content Of Shows


Our content has been performed for and loved by students and educators around the world. These 40-minute presentations combine different engagement and teaching modalities to ensure messaging reaches all types of learners. The main goal is for students to realize that they are the EcoHeroes in their own communities. For the past 10 years, our program has evolved and improved thanks to the feedback from our partner schools and municipalities.
Watch this video to learn more!


Q: Why are you contacting us instead of the school district directly?
A: Municipalities have the awesome responsibility of implementing and overseeing crucial sustainability initiatives. We want to ensure your communities are ready to embrace and adopt those initiatives. By partnering with you, not only do we ensure our education is targeted specifically to your priorities and systems, but we also help get these important projects off the ground. This is the small role we play in facilitating large scale change!
Q: What are your offerings?
A: We perform our environmental presentations at elementary schools in your community. We currently have three main offerings: In-Person Whole School Assemblies, Virtual Whole School Assemblies, and Virtual Classroom Presentations. We reach students using a combination of these three formats depending on what the school can accommodate, with priority placed on in-person assemblies. Each offering is a live 40-minute presentation and includes a combination of songs, dances, trivia, and storytelling.

Separately, we also offer custom song and music video creation. This is an asset you’d own, and it features your area’s landmarks, mascots, and programs!
**We do not table or perform for one-time special events.

Q: What show topics can I choose from? Can I combine show topics?
A: We have a variety of shows we’ve developed over the years, including: recycling, organics management, water conservation, stormwater pollution, used motor oil disposal. You can absolutely mix and match different topics, however we suggest combining no more than two topics to preserve the depth of the messaging. All topics include waste reduction education, as well as complimentary themes that support holistic eco-practices (ie: proper sorting, litter abatement, conservation, etc).
Q: What grades or age range does your program target?
A: We believe long-term change comes from empowering a community’s youth. Not only do they influence others in their family network, but they also grow up to be well-informed citizens. So our program is specifically designed for students in grades K-6th. We do not offer programs for middle school, high school, or adults at this time as we’ve focused on specializing in elementary education.
Q: How is this program typically funded?
A: Most sponsors in California fund our program using CalRecycle grants. CalRecycle has repeatedly approved our program as a qualified expense under the “education & outreach” category. We’ll send you everything you need to get approval from your assigned CalRecycle representative. Sponsors have also funded our program using general funds, measure funds, grants, or dues.
Q: Do I have to do all the scheduling with schools?
A: We handle the entire process – all you have to do is identify your preferred show topic and budget. We’ll reach out to schools to coordinate logistics and then invite you to presentations as they are scheduled. We fill available slots on a first-come, first-served basis, being sure to remain under the agreed upon budgeted amount. We also manage all post-presentation data collection and consolidate key metrics into a Sponsor Recap that’s sent at the end of each cycle.
Q: What happens if the schools aren't interested? Should I reach out to the district first?
A: Our program is entirely voluntary. No school is forced to participate in this offering. We also only invoice for a presentation after it’s completed. So there’s no need to assess interest in advance as there is no financial risk to implementing our program. If we are unable to utilize the entire budgeted amount in the agreed-upon period, you can simply reallocate the remaining funds to other projects. On the flip side, if we have so much interest from schools that a waitlist has been generated, you can also add more funding if that’s available and desired.
Q: How can you ensure long-term impact?
A: We have a couple of different avenues to keep the education going long after our performance has ended! We distribute a post-show curriculum to teachers that they can use to build on the topics covered. We have an EcoHero Club that students can enroll in to receive ongoing tips and tidbits. Our YouTube page has all our EcoHero albums for kids to freely access. Sponsorship renewal also keeps messaging fresh in student’s minds and reaches the younger generations as well.
Q: Can I see one of your performances?
A: We don’t distribute recordings of our presentations to protect our intellectual property. If a neighboring community has a presentation scheduled, and the school agrees to outside visitors, then you can attend one of those presentations. Alternatively, we welcome you to check out our music videos on the EcoHero YouTube page. Once we have an agreement in place, you’ll be invited to all presentations booked in your municipality and are welcome to attend should it align with your schedule.
Q: Can you provide proof of insurance, business license, sole source, etc?
A: Whatever paperwork you need – we can probably handle it! We’ve worked with over 130 municipalities in 5 different countries, so we’ve definitely seen it all. We’re happy to get creative to make things work for your municipality’s specific needs.
Q: Do you have a Spanish version of the program?
A: We currently don’t offer a bilingual version of our presentation, but all our take-home materials have been translated into spanish. So if a student’s family primarily speaks Spanish at home, they will still be able to engage with their child on the content presented.
Q: How do I get the process started?
A: All you have to do is fill out the “Sponsorship Form” to get the ball rolling!

Our Team

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Change The World Together

Sponsoring Process:

  • Fill out the form below and we will schedule a time to talk.
  • Note: CalRecycle does not offer blanket endorsements. If you want to work with us, we will send you our show content, which you share with your CalRecycle Rep.
  • If you want to be connected to a city/county representative that has worked with us to hear about our program from a peer, let us know! We can connect you with someone geographically close to you.

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